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Screen Wall, a second thought? It should not be.

Screen wall installation and the need for one usually is not of a primary concern for many. Many times they are needed because a municipality may require it for your construction project, but there are those that pay a lot of attention to them; sometimes this does not happen.

Precast concrete screen wall will typically have piers to hold and stabilize the wall system. These piers should be engineered by a qualified engineer and can be deeper than the height of the wall. So far so good.

In the case where screen walls are typically ignored or just for a lack of knowledge, not paying attention can have disastrous consequences. For example, the site shown below had excavation done below the pier depth and also was excavated under the piers in order to build a stack stone retaining wall, well...that did not go over well. After a rain storm, which ended up being the straw that broke the camel's back, the ground holding the piers let go and with it the stability of the entire wall line.

A lot of work goes into walls like this, and blindly working around them is not recommended and may prove to be not very healthy either.

Hawk Construction understands this and makes sure the wall pier system is built correctly and to specification and in cases like this, we can fix it too. In addition, we produce Verti-Block segmental retaining wall block, which may have mitigated, if not eliminated, the issues cause by the stack stone wall.

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