About Us

Hawk Precast

Hawk Precast specializes in manufacturing Verti-Crete Precast screen/sound walls, Stack-Crete™, Verti-Block retaining blocks, MagnumStone, and parking stops. Our Verti-Crete walls are noted for their exceptional sound deadening and screening qualities, and the walls meet, or exceeds all municipal building code wind-shear standards. Verti-Crete's interlocking walls are engineered to withstand the most demanding environmental elements and offer the look and feel of a true mason's work.

Hawk Construction  

Hawk Construction offers services like:

  • Delivery 

  • Complete Installation 

  • Expert Designs 

  • Obtaining Permits

  • Site Specific Engineering 

We carry both Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurance and are familiar and capable of obtaining payment/performance bonds. 

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Customize Your Project

Our walls are designed to allow you to mix and match all our styles to make a wall you will love. Possibilities include installing wrought iron and/or wood in-between our Verti-Crete columns to create a unique style to complement your project.