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Why MagnumStone™​?

MagnumStone™ is easy on the environment because of the help from its wet-cast system that is engineered with a hollow core to optimize concrete usage and use nearly half the concrete of a solid system while still maintaining all of its strength and durability (meets or exceeds 4,000 psi when fully cured). Thanks to the design and size of the retaining wall, it is able to offer a lightweight alternative that is easy to install and is ideal for almost any retaining wall project from residential to large scale commercial installation. 

When it comes to installation, MagnumStone™ can be installed without the excessive excavating you see with traditional systems, saving you money and land because MagnumStone™ can be installed closer to any property line. MagnumStone™ is able to accomplish that by their engineered hollow design that allows for water to drain from within the wall, excluding the need for geo-grid fabric and dead-men tie backs.

Hawk Precast is a licensed supplier of MagnumStone™ and offers the following services:

  • Supply and ship block for self installation.

  • We have block available for pick-up.

  • We can provide references for installation and engineering for your specific project. 


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